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At Damm Good Cafe, we believe that amazing coffee is an integral part of the day. So we’ve teamed up with specialty coffee roaster Padre Coffee, to deliver Damm Good coffee.

Founded in Melbourne in 2008, Padre Coffee are specialty coffee roasters, wholesalers, retailers, and lovers of great coffee. Their premium single origin and blended coffee beans are sourced from traders and farmers around the world that know the value of quality and believe – as they do – in ethical and sustainable production. With a dedicated roasting team, their coffee is roasted in small batches to create a fulfilling flavour profile for each bean.

At Damm Good Cafe, we serve Padre Coffee’s Lucky Boy Espresso blend, which includes a Guatemala and Brazil coffee. The Guatemala Huehuetenango in Lucky Boy has balanced acidity, chocolate notes, and an element of fruit, while the Brazil Sweet Espresso contributes creaminess, sweetness, body, toffee and vanilla. The two components complement each other and highlight their best characteristics. Padre Coffee’s Lucky Boy blend is delicious as espresso but shines in milk with its sweetness, subtle orange acidity and creamy body. It’s a fantastic all rounder with a smooth texture and delicious flavour.

Looking to bring the Damm Good coffee experience back home? We also sell Padre Coffee’s Lucky Boy Espresso blend in 500g and 250g coffee bags. Make sure to pick up a bag so you never run out!

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At Damm Good Cafe, we also believe in the power of a damm good chai. We’ve teamed up with Monk’s Chai, who create the best organic chai in Australia.


Monk’s Chai is plant-based, organic, hand blended, and made in Australia from the highest-grade Assam black tea creating a perfect tasting chai that’s rich in aromatics, spicy, and invigorating.

The tea is ethically sourced from small organic family producers of the Brahmaputra, and the spices are also 100% specialty grade organics from independent farms in Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, and Sri Lanka.

This chai contains deep caramel, malty layered vanilla notes from the black tea, and the spices add the aroma of pure cinnamon, crushed ginger, cardamom, star anise, black peppercorns, cayenne, clove, and pimento. A natural sweetness elevates the spice blend, creating a chai that is of the highest quality.

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